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  1. corneliaamiri answered: Reach for the stars and sun and the moon above.
  2. lauraliddellnolen answered: On the last day of Earth, I couldn’t find my hairbrush.
  3. rbsiddoway answered: Big, hairy, sausage-like fingers were wrapped a little too comfortably around the trigger of a 357 Magnum.
  4. trakenaprevost answered: The shriek of a Banshee pushed my body into action, jolting my system into full-on hunting mode.
  5. gwynnemeeks answered: She already knew what he was going to say and she hated the unfairness of it. “I have already forgiven you for this.”
  6. jesscapelle answered: The warmth of his forehead seeped through hair and tissue and bone, lighting up lazy, long-abandoned neurons deep within my gray matter.
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    Thank you for giving me a reason to open up my manuscript again when it’s been a difficult thing to do. It was a chore...
  8. roarofthefaithful answered: But I’m getting too many reminders of a certain exchange with Jack—you’ll surely remember—which ended with a water bottle flying at my face.
  9. heresto4ever answered: I’m not sure I believe them, but I would hate to be wrong and find out that fateful day when that first tooth plops into my alphabet soup.
  10. her-infernal-majesty answered: . I did not let my anger control me - I used it to drive me. I will get my justice even if it wears the mask of revenge.
  11. write-me-jessica answered: The dirt crunched under her worn sandals, as the soldiers led her to her new master, and ludus.
  12. iilyda answered: And the stars were her cage, the sky her restraint.
  13. redcard10 answered: The operating room lights were bunched together like some strange, bright fruit illuminating the whole pathetic situation.
  14. weltabgewandt answered: Realistically, what were the odds of Mr. Right strolling down the pickle aisle at Costco?
  15. anathemapanacea answered: We gave him the worst torment that we could come up with, Howard; we gave the man everything he wanted.
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  17. lil-miss-banana answered: That’s how it goes, Goddess. One after another, they come and they fall. You’re just the next in the long line.
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  20. mangaluva answered: He wasn’t sure if the beat was coming from their feet and sticks, or if it was coming from the heartbeats of every creature in the circle…
  21. dreamingoutofthebox answered: Despite all intentions my stomach flipped anxiously; jet black hair, stormy blue eyes, and smiling like he knew everything I didn’t.
  22. wewerechosen4this answered: "The legends say we were entrusted with powers so great that they can raise this nation up in glory, or drag it into the flames of hell."
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  24. anniezard answered: "And I intend to fly this airship and taste the sky again if it costs me my life."
  25. jennybirdwrites answered: "I wanted peas, that’s how I remember it."
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  30. fluidfyre answered: "She was the earth admiring the sky, forever lain in the rows, wishing for sky, wishing for words, and wishing for life to blossom inside